Parisian feels at Gontran Cherrier

Time to unwind and eat…again. Haha. It seems like in every one of my travels, food is always present. Besides, hanging out at a coffee shop make for one relaxing and filling break. A good example was our quick snack at this cafe. Time to feel that Parisian feel… 😉

Named after the owner, he has opened several bakeries not just in Paris but in other countries too. There are branches in Singapore (Tiong Bahru Bakery), South Korea, Australia, and of course, Japan. Its branch over at Shibuya had a very sleek, clean and modern feel. It also has this grand yet classic appeal with its white and wooden features. There were only few seats which makes it more of a bakery than a cafe.

Cafe (Petit at ¥300)

Perfect drink to pair with their bread choices! I liked their brewed coffee as its acidity filled me up with energy for the rest of the afternoon.

As for our bread choices, we had a couple. Check them out below. 🙂

Danish a la Saucisse et Shiso (¥ 200)
Mont Blanc (¥ 330)
Kouign Amann (¥ 240)
Croissant (¥ 180)

All were really good but my fave was their croissant. And I’m going out on a limb here by saying that this is the best croissant I’ve ever tasted. To be honest, I never understood the fascination of some people with this bread. To me it was just airy and flaky. Some are bordering on bland. But this one was a total exception. It was a bit airy but very somehow dense inside. The layers were right. It did have that flaky consistency but just on the outer layers. It had this smooth taste where you could feel the butter. It was light and very yummy. I wish I had more. 😀

A lot of diners too were raving about their Kouign Amann. Though a little hard to chew because of its hard caramel exterior, I was surprised that it wasn’t that sweet. Once you pass that hard shell, it has this sticky feel in between layers. This is definitely good to pair with coffee as it balances the acidity of the drink.

We sat by the bar facing the street. We saw people rushing by at this very busy area. As they hustle to wherever they’re going, we relaxed from our side. The rush of life seem to slow down here as you take a bite of their pastries and enjoy it with a warm cup of joe. 🙂

Gontran Cherrier
1-14-11 Shibuya | 1F BC Salon, Shibuya 150-0002,
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Official website:


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