The Genki Sushi Madness

A lot of people lined up here. We were number we-had-to-wait-so-basically-I-forgot-our-number but we waited patiently. We really wanted to try this one out. And so did the other diners (who I secretly wished backed out). We weren’t the only “mad ones” for sushi. Once we were seated, that was when the sushi frenzy ensued. 😉

The place was quite small yet they managed to maximize it. It was more of a solo dining experience as it was a bar set-up type. Each had their screen, water dispenser (yaaasss!) and condiments. Everything was arranged for you when you are called. Check out my dining station below. 😉

This is how one would order. It’s very easy! One could actually over-order just by clicking on the buttons here.
Water dispenser

Sushi in lightning speed! Lol

Of course I had to take a video of the sushi delivery process here. It was just a must. 😉

So…I told you about over-ordering right? My family and I were newbies at this. We were excited. Well, we were hungry too but more of just excited. Not just with their ordering system but with eating sushi. We relished in every sushi we ate that I’m just going to let the photos fill this post now. 😀

Asari Clams Miso Soup (¥ 205)
Corn with mayo (¥ 129)
Fried Chicken
Grilled Salmon (¥ 129)
Hamburger (¥ 129)
Minced Tuna
Premium Sea Urchin (¥ 205)
Salmon Avocado Roll (¥ 129)
Salmon (¥ 129)
Sliced Omelet (¥ 129)
Snow Crab (¥ 129)
Steamed Scallop Gunkan (¥ 129)
Sweet Shrimp (¥ 129)
Tuna (¥ 129)

So many plates, so little time…but we finished it all. Nyahaha. All were equally good and priced fairly. They have other dishes aside from sushi which were good too. As for their sushi, those are either in yellow or red plates. Those in yellow plates are normally prices at ¥ 129 (with tax) and those that are red are worth ¥ 205 (with tax). I just had to try that sea urchin. Never had one so might as well try it while still here. Very smooth and buttery if I may add 😛 This may not be those premium or fancy sushi places here but it’s good enough. You could get multiple plates and fill your tummies with sushi goodness. Wondering how many plates I had? Well, I had about a couple… 😉

We tried a couple of desserts here too. Even these delivered on taste! This was where I got to play a game too.

Vanilla Ice Cream (¥ 259)
Uji Matcha Mont Blanc Cake (¥ 259)

To cleanse after those delicious dishes, they serve up green tea too.
You get this once you win the roulette game on screen.
Choose your prize!

It was a somehow quick stop for us here. It was pretty late in the night too yet people were still lining up. Open until 12AM, one can surely go mad with the sushi choices here. So if you have that sushi craving and on a tight budget, this is definitely the place to be. 😉

Genki Sushi
24-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya,
Tokyo 150-0042, Japan
Official website:


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