Let’s go Setaga-ya!

And you’d think that by this time, I’d have enough of ramen. That I would go on a detox and do a ramen cleanse. Well, you guessed it right. I knowwwww…such a letdown for me. 😦 But after having three bowls of ramen at this place, you know when you’d have enough. Only for a while okay. I ate ramen when I got home. πŸ˜‰

We were looking for a good place to dine in at the departure area. We checked out every resto at the Edo Market Place, and this one had a line. Seems like a good place too as exiting diners had a smile on their face. Their space was packed yet it was very neat. We got to seat at the bar area where we witnessed how the ramen was prepared.

Pork Bone Ramen (Β₯ 830)

I had a taste of its broth which was just delicious and rich. The noodles were pretty good. The addition it came with just made its taste pretty interesting.

Nikumeshi (Pork Rice) (Β₯ 400)

This was my pick. And yes, call me a ramen quitter but hey, I ate three bowls of ramen in one day. So I gotta let my tummy have some rice! I do love eating rice and this didn’t disappoint. The pork was really tender with slight sweet hints. Its overall taste was just good. And this was budget-friendly too. πŸ™‚

Sad that my last dish at this wonderful country wasn’t that warm soup. In terms of food, this country offers A LOT so choosing a fave Japanese dish would be hard. Still glad to have dined here. The price was okay and service was fast. Despite that long line, it does move quickly so you’ll get your seat and food in no time. πŸ˜‰

4F Edo Market,
Haneda International Airport,
Ota, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan
Official website: Β http://www.setaga-ya.com/index.html


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