Killing time at Tambai

Situated along Poblacion, this yakitori joint is one good place to definitely kill time. Pair that with their good dishes, every minute might just be well spent.

I didn’t know they had this indoor seating. This place is pretty known for their outdoor one with the casual chairs (or bangko). Everything just feels raw and casually put together.

Kimchi Fried Rice (P 60)
Zucchini (P 50), Chicken Leg (P 45), Pork (P 45) and Beef Isaw (P 120)
Japanese Sausage (P 50)
Tofuyaki (P 70)

Yep, prices are cheap! And one gets hella flavah from all those dishes! No beers on this session though a few bottles would have been good. It’s just the perfect scene for some good tambai beer sessions. You could order a lot and not even notice that you have racked up quite a good bill. But really, with that kind of price range, one’s PhP1,000 could go a long way.

Ah…the ever famous photo of the outdoor seating. Being here is just very humbling. It just has this chill vibe that would make you want more of their dishes. With beer. Or with their other drinks for that matter. It’s dirt cheap and service was pretty okay. I heard that they’ll be opening up a 2nd floor to accommodate more diners. With the rainy weather we’re having, it’s perfect for that but I still recommend dining outside. It’s just better that way.

5779 Felipe Street,
Poblacion, Makati City
Facebook: Β
Instagram: Β
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