Doing the hula dance at Aloha Poke

And an aloha to you! That’s such nice a greeting right? Being greeted by that or just even saying it makes you want to break into a big grin? Or do the hula perhaps? πŸ˜‰

Went here for some healthy eats and healthy talks. Perfect combo! But it is the perfect setting for such casual and all good time gatherings. Hawaiian elements were placed in almost every nook and cranny that hey, makes one feel that they’re not in Singapore. Place was a bit small and could get packed instantly.

Lomi Lomi Salmon (S$ 12)

We started off with one of their Tiki Treats named Lomi Lomi Salmon. This one had diced salmon with avocado, spices and salad. It was topped with an onsen egg. It tasted quite fresh. The egg worried me a little but surprisingly, it made the overall taste good.

Baked Whole Avocado (S$ 12)

Ain’t that a beauty? The plating on this was just delicate and lovely. Another Tiki Treat, the creamy avocado was topped with cheese, parma ham and fish roe. I loved how the avocado was creamy. The ham added that salty taste which went well with the cheese, fish roe and avocado. Indeed, this was one hearty treat for us.

Kalua Pig Burrito (S$ 18)

Their burrito was just filling! Yeah, there might have been more of the toasted burrito but it did balance out the pulled pork shoulder. On its own, flavors were on point. To add some heat, the paired Aloha’s special sauce will do the trick for that.

Ultimate Poke Bowl (S$ 18)

Ah…poke bowl! Who knew that this bowl would take the world by storm! I would always see it on Instagram or famous celebs downing that thing. And since we were looking to be healthy, this was the dish of the night. We had two poke of our choice so we had their Spicy Salmon and Original Tuna. The bowl consisted of a salad, seasoned red rice (we think it’s red) and topped with awesome superfoods. The flavor was just awesome! Never knew I would enjoy eating it so much that I wanted a bowl of my own. Haha! I loved the spice of that salmon and how the tuna was seasoned well. It balanced the spiciness of the other fish. This one just tasted fresh and yeah, I did feel full after. Not the I-couldn’t-breath full type but more of I-can-sleep-knowing-I-ate-something-healthy kinda full. πŸ˜›

And the mystery of the poke bowl has been solved! I have always been curious on how it tastes, and I think this was one good encounter with it. After eating here, it does make me wanna do the hula. πŸ˜€

Aloha Poke
92 Amoy Street,
Singapore 069911
Official website: Β
Facebook: Β
Instagram: Β
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