Finally trying out Ikea!

Ah…the wonderful world of Ikea! It was my first time stepping foot on this place and seeing all its furniture glory. But what always piqued me was their food. And yes…those meatballs were on top of my list.

Ingenious! Instead of struggling with several trays, you can just roll with it. The tendency then is to stack your trays with lots of food. Glorious joy indeed!

Salmon Lasagne (S$ 8.90)

One of the new items on their menu, this was good! It was rightly filled with salmon with all the elements of a good lasagna.

Chicken Wings (6pcs for S$ 8.90)

These wings didn’t need any sauce for it was flavorful all on its own. It had a lot of meat too compared to other wings.

Swedish Meatballs (S$ 8.50)

Was it the sauce, potatoes or lingonberry jam? Nope. It was all of them combined that made this one really good dish! The meatballs were just flavorful that the other additions highlighted its flavor even more!

Blueberry Cheesecake (S$ 3.50)

And this was more of the cheese than the berries. You could clearly see it on the photo above how it was lacking on the berry part.

Almond Butterscotch Cake (S$ 3.50)

I liked this better than their cheesecake. It wasn’t that sweet at first but can get to that point if you finish the whole slice.

S$ 1.50

So we had to try their sparkling fruit water. It was just intriguing! I had lemon while my folks had raspberry. Theirs was a better choice but I enjoyed my fizzy drink. Very refreshing!

It was just pure food tripping at this stop. It was tempting to tour around but I might buy something so…Imma skip that. I only had budget for their food which was just delicious. Filling and right on budget, this home accessories giant sure knows how to make good food too. πŸ™‚

Ikea Singapore
317 Alexandra Road,
Singapore 159965
Official website: Β
Facebook: Β



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  1. I hope Ikea finally opens here in the Philippines! Seeing those specialties makes one probably visit the Ikea store here over and over again! πŸ˜€

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