Last hurrah at Kith Cafe

Still had the chance to dine at their Park Mall branch on my last evening at Singapore. My friend took me here at this very branch which I heard is now closed. They do have other branches which are probably nice too. But this one had this charm about it. It was at the far side of the mall with a couple of seats outside and inside. It was cozy and  heartwarming. Too bad this one is closed already 😦

Truffle Fries (S$ 12)

I couldn’t stop grabbing fry after fry. Yup, so good! I liked how the fries weren’t oily.

Aglio Olio (S$ 16)

Granchio (S$ 22)

I had the latter which had crab meat, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chili and Kaffir lime. There was a spicy symbol next to this on their menu but I was thinking “hey, I can handle it!”. Boy did I not handle that heat well! 😀 It was flavorful yet the heat just kept on coming. It was the good kind of heat though. One that would make you keep on coming back for more bites. 😉

Again…this branch is closed.  So why am I doing a review this late? Well…sched’s been pretty busy (delayed post yeah…hehe) and I was just shocked that the mall itself closed down. It’s such a good location for those intimate talks that I hope their other branches provide that. Aside from the good service, food was just good. It can be a bit on the pricey side but dishes can be shared. I wasn’t able to finish my pasta and had it for takeaway. Still got to enjoy it at the comforts of my hotel for this last hurrah.

Kith Cafe
Official website:


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