And it was a red-eye flight when I captured this photo. Lucky me I guess for sitting with a clear view of the wing and the sky. Numerous takes were taken just so I can get that shot. I couldn’t sleep on the plane, and my mind kept wandering off. Call it excitement but maybe it’s just the thought of taking a semi-long vacation break. I always look forward to it ‘coz I know I’ll be packing once again to head off somewhere. Yeah, this trip was in the works for a couple of months now. It was a dream for my gal pal and I. Once the sale tickets were up, we instantly booked and started the preparation.

And that was our first official meal of the day once we landed! Those pineapple pancakes were so yummy and fluffy that I actually wanted more. This was care of our accommodation which included breakfast. We were well-assisted to not only by them but the other folks here as well. Something just seems genuine about the people here. I can feel it with their smiles and greetings. Okay okay…that probably was just a tourist thing. But hey, it still feels nice. πŸ™‚

And I could never do this shot right. I probably won’t do this again. Haha

I was never the beach kind of lady. I guess the opportunities to go to one never presented itself much. Despite living in a country with countless beaches, I always opt for something else. But being here, it made me want to live that kind of life. The life where you would just bask in the sun’s heat with a cold drink nearby. You would then race to the waves and feel its cool effect on your skin. Β Ah…I wanted to stay here longer. But there were other sights to see. And with the seemingly little time we had, we just had to have one “Balitastic” adventure. πŸ˜‰


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