Time for some Cozy Afternoon High Tea at Marco Polo Ortigas

Before I got into the whole caffeine high, I was high on tea. I first had a sip when my mom took home this whole box of teabags. It was of the fruit type which I liked. College came, and those unavoidable sleepless nights made its appearance. And that was when I started drinking coffee. As much as I am a convert now, I would still take every opportunity to drink tea. With the sun smiling and the weather just oh-so-fine, time to get some Cozy Afternoon High Tea at the splendid Marco Polo Hotel.

Available from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Marco Polo’s Connect Lounge, diners will definitely have one cozy afternoon here. Perfect tea pairings such as baguette sandwiches, cakes and scones are served along with their delicious tea. In case that isn’t your drink of choice, you may opt for coffee, smoothie, iced tea or even a glass of champagne. Talk about making one comfortable and served well!

Fancy eh? We were offered several options for our tea but we opted for something that was light. We were served with their floral tea that had vanilla notes. It was very mild, relaxing and didn’t need any additions. Yes, no milk or sugar on this. It was just good on its own! And don’t get me started on its aroma. It was absolutely fantastic. Ah…having this just makes the afternoon really cozy.


So many baguettes! They have the plain one, tomato, squid ink, parsley and corn. Yay!

Before our 3-tier stand was served, one gets to choose whatever goes there at their bar which also doubles as their open kitchen. You get to have a choice of up to 4 baguette sandwich choices. After that is done, sit back, relax and wait for your tea pairings.

Tada! Time to eat!
English Scones with Strawberry Jam and heavy cream

And this was kind of a scone fail for my friend and I. Call us hungry but we grabbed those scones and forgot about the cream and jam. Hahaha. But those scones were good! I always had this notion that scones would be hard that I won’t be able to slice it. This one was soft and crumbly inside. To be honest, it might have been better with those additions (jam and cream) but it was good on its own.

Amuse Bouche Sherbet (Mango and Watermelon)

Yeah…I whispered “it’s on fire” and forgot my voice can be heard. Hahaha. As much as the smoke amazed me, what amazed me more was the flavor of these two sherbets. I liked how the mango had this real mango taste. Not that sweet type but it tasted very much of the fruit. As for the watermelon, amazeballs! Not sweet too but had this natural watermelon sweetness.

Specially made baguettes and toppings

So pretty and yes, very delicious! We chose their tomato, corn, parsley and squid ink baguette. As for the meat, we had their parma ham, shrimp, grilled chicken and smoked salmon. Each were great but what stood for me was that smoked salmon baguette (photo above). I liked the overall flavor especially with the sauce placed on it.

Chocolate Fondant

Ugghhh…just look at that chocolate! This molten chocolate cake had those right elements of having a crusty exterior and a gooey center. You could swirl some vanilla or chocolate sauce on top. I had both and preferred the vanilla one. At first bite, it wasn’t that sweet but you’ll get that chocolate cloying taste near the end.

More sweets? Oh yes!

At this point, I wasn’t sure if we can handle more sweets. Surprisingly, these bites had the right level of sweetness. Each was a good pair to all that we had that day.

As much as I want to relive those days of me drinking tea as a kid, it was replaced with an even better one. The whole experience from the delectable meals, impeccable service and relaxing environment was just top-notch. It is a well-deserved PhP 788 fee. So if you want to experience this sophisticated high, grab a friend along and have one cozy afternoon high tea. 😉

Connect Lounge
24F Marco Polo Hotel,
Sapphire Street cor. Meralco Avenue,
Ortigas, Pasig City
Official website: http://www.marcopolohotels.com/en/marco_polo/hotels/philippines/manila/marco_polo_manila/restaurants_and_bars/connect_lounge.html
Official hotel website:  http://www.marcopolohotels.com/en/marco_polo/hotels/philippines/manila/marco_polo_manila/index.html
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MarcoPoloOrtigasManila

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/MarcoPoloManila
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/marcopolomanila/
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