Sunset vibes at Single Fin

Sunrise or sunset? Which of the two do you prefer? I actually like both but I witness more of the latter. And everytime that I do, I always enjoy it. I like the play of colors in the clouds as it turns to darker hues. It relaxes and makes me pause for a few minutes or so. At this bar, it was the perfect place to get lost in time. The sunset was just pretty. Coupled with good food and drinks, it was time to feel those sunset vibes.

My friend and I had a bit of a hard time looking for seats. It was that packed. One can go ahead and make a reservation as that is highly recommended. We did chance upon seats that had this perfect view of the sunset. Talk about being lucky! 🙂

Fish & Chips (Rp. 75,000)

Bintang (Rp 40,000)

Margarita (Rp. 100,000)

To pair our cold ones, we went for their Fish & Chips which were quite good. I liked the slightly crunchy exterior of the fish. Its batter was flavorful that it’s good without the paired tartar sauce. I only had beer that night but that margarita hit my friend hard! She let me have a sip of it. Upon first taste, it was sweet but I guess the alcohol will hit you once you finish the drink. We had to cool down for a bit. But hey, the sounds were just awesome! I liked the playlist their dj was mixing that night. It was enough for one to stay a few more hours here. A local band was playing next but we skipped that one. But we could’ve easily stayed for that one too. 😉

No wonder this place is packed. The food was great. Service was okay too. You really have to wave your hands in order for the servers to see you. But once they do, they give you their full attention. Not sure if this is a cliche line but this bar was just hip and happening. The overall vibes were just good. So if you have time to catch those sunset vibes, make sure to get it here. Catch the cloud hues and just waste your time away 🙂

Single Fin
Pantai Suluban, Jl. Labuan Sait,
Uluwatu, Bali,
Official website:
Single Fin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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