Life is better On The Juice

Smoothies and fresh juice in the morning? Well, sign me up for some healthy living! 🙂

Situated near Legian Beach, one could hear the crashing waves as they enjoy their chosen drinks. They have a couple of high chairs with surfboard tables but we opted for the “couch” section. It really was more of throw pillows on a straw mat but the arrangement seemed comfy.

And this pudding was simply filling! I wasn’t able to finish it all up but it was so good! The base level had chia seeds in coconut water, coconut milk and honey. The 2nd level is one’s choice of smoothie base. I opted for their Berry Nice concoction which consisted of mixed berries, banana, coconut milk and honey. These levels are topped with granola and fresh fruits. It all makes for one refreshing and healthy snack. Perfect for after-swim chill time 😉

Aside from their healthy drinks, they do serve alcoholic come sundown. I can just imagine the scene here where the sun is slowly setting and the party is just getting started. I bet that those drinks taste just as good as their healthy options. Indeed, life is better On The Juice. 🙂

On The Juice
Jl Padma/Jl Pantai Legian Intersection,
Legian, Bali, 80361,


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