Finally reaching Seniman Coffee Studio

And our first stop for our half-day Ubud tour was lunch! Haha. With DIY itineraries, you really have the time to choose where to eat and what spots to check out. I heard how good the coffee was here that it’s simply a must-try in the area. It helped too that they offer sumptuous meals. After a couple of hours, we finally reached Seniman Coffee Studio.

There were plenty of seats at this studio. Though they have seating outside, the whole place was open yet it doesn’t feel hot inside. In case you want to fully relax here, I think their rocking chairs are the answer. Yeah, it was a little hard but one would get used to it. We were lucky enough to be seated at the bar where we got to witness their techniques in coffee making. Whether it be Chemex, Aeropress or a pour-over, they’ve got you covered. 😉

Tipat Goreng (Rp. 57,000)

This one had stir-fried square rice, crunchy vegetables, fried egg and Balinese Sambal Matah. This was my friend’s dish which she let me have a taste. And I must say, very tasty! It wasn’t spicy which I expected from the sambal. This was served with chicken but one can opt for the vegetarian one.

Satay Ayam (Rp. 77,000)

 I like chicken satay and this definitely didn’t disappoint. The chicken was grilled well while maintaining that juicy texture. It was perfect with the tipat rice which further highlighted the soy marinade on the chicken. There were a couple of sauces served with it which I tried. Most were spicy so I stuck with the peanut one. But on its own, the chicken was really good.

Koncept Affogato (Single at Rp. 44,000)

It would be a shame to dine here and not try their coffee. It is a cafe at its heart so one must have room for some caffeine. Veering away from just one serving of espresso, the concept in their affogato is two ice cream scoops with hot and cold espresso shots.  And the taste was mind-blowingly good! For those not into coffee much, this might just make you a convert. 😉

Bali Kintamani Natural Indonesia Single Origin Brew (Rp. 35,000)

After seeing how they prepare the coffee here, I just had to have their single origin brew. Yes, I was that tempted! It helped sitting by the bar. I was able to witness how they prepared my drink. The barista even chatted me up. Yeah, I was staring at how he was preparing my drink. Call it awe but deep down inside, I was excited. Served with a cookie and water, I had my single origin brew of Bali Kintamani Natural. This was of the light roast type that was sweet, had fruit notes and with a vanilla finish. I did liked how light it was that I could taste those elements. I loved how they went above and beyond with that glass of water and cookie. I didn’t need to order a separate dessert for the cookie got that in the bag. And of course, you gotta wash that caffeine down at some point.

So glad to have searched and stopped by at this cafe! We might have stayed here for a few hours just enjoying our lunch and coffee but it was worth it. In all its rawness, it was charming to me. I liked how open its space was. In terms of price, it can be a bit expensive for something that’s local but the dishes really are good. As for the coffee, no question on that. One must have it here.

Seniman Coffee Studio
#5 Jalan Sriwedari, Ubud,
Bali, Indonesia
Official website:
Seniman Coffee Studio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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