The Warung Gueek Fields

Wanna dine in front of a rice field? No problem! There are lots of restos here that offer such and one of them is this, Warung Gueek.

It’s kind of relaxing to dine in front of this. It’s not everyday that you get to witness farmers harvesting and working so diligently. As you would guess it, its space was very open. There are fans but there’s this slight breeze at this place.

Chicken Satay (Rp. 90,000)

Gueek Angry Chicken (Rp. 90,000)

Their Chicken Satay was served with some chili sauce. It was quite tasty too as the marinade seeped into the tender chicken. As for their “Angry Chicken”, it was fried well without that greasy feel. It was served with three sauces, namely, vegetable, chili sauce and Balinese sambal matah. Not sure why it was labeled as such but it probably has something to do with their sauce. All were spicy! The less spicy one, which I preferred, was the veggie one. The others just had me gulping for water!

If you happen to be on your way to Tanah Lot Temple, this could be your quick lunch stop over there. Get some good food and service while overlooking rice fields.

Warung Gueek
Jl. By Pass Tanah Lot, Buwit,
Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan,
Bali, Indonesia


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