The Effervescent Solstice Glow

The name of this restaurant really is just fitting. It’s the collaboration of One Way Restaurant and Ilustrado which are both well-loved restos in the metro. Much like a solstice, one can either bask in the glow of the dishes of each and more. New dishes are constantly cooked up to please any diner’s palate.

The restaurant’s interiors would instantly make one feel at ease. Yes, it does exude that grand vibe. But I find that the wall with multiple photos make it cozy.  With its plush seats and great service, one would surely be in for a treat here.

Caught Joseph F.K. Assad, who is the Consul of Lebanon and Managing Partner of Solstice, happily taking photos that day.
Yeah…we took photos of one another. Haha
Coconut Water + Strawberry Healthy Cooler (P220)

And that was one refreshing drink! I had to stop myself from gulping it all the way through. Their other healthy coolers are good for cleansing the palate after having the dishes here.

Complimentary Bread
Spinach and Feta Fundido (P295)

And that was one FUNdido. Get it? Yeah…not trying to be cheesy here. Mwehehe. So this one had spinach, feta cheese and mozzarella served with their homemade baked pita. Meant as a starter, this is good for sharing. And if you happen to run out of that good pita, one could have it with their bread. Either way, it’s still gonna be good.

Chicken Liver Pate (P250)

I’m not really a fan of liver but this one had me converting. With the grapes, homemade cranberry jam and crostini, all of it went well with the smooth pate.

Calamari Salad (P360)

I liked how fresh this salad was! This one had local organic mixed greens, broiled calamares, goat cheese, bacon bits and herbed croutons drizzled in pesto citrus dressing. Our serving that day was small but given the chance to go back (which I will), I’ll definitely have this on my list.

Baked Eggplant in Filo (P420)

According to the owner, their serving size of this dish over at Ilustrado’s is bigger. Being that this is an appetizer here, I find its size just right. I liked the blend of eggplant, black olives, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. I especially liked how crisp and thin that filo case was.

Pasta Aligue

I was expecting this to be cloying but it wasn’t at all! Though one must eat it with care, it was still one tasty pasta dish.

“Shroom” Pizza (P480)

Does that photo look good? I hope so because it tasted even better. Oven-baked to perfection, I liked how thin it was yet still retaining that sourdough taste. Upon first bite, that mushroom (Shiitake, King and Oyster Mushrooms) flavor will slowly creep its way in. Coupled with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheeses, this dish will surely be enjoyed either by the family or group of friends.

Paella Ilustrado (P850)

And this paella was just right. Not a fan of pure meat or seafood paella as the taste can sometimes get overwhelming. So this paella did just right in terms of rice consistency and overall flavor.

Callos Madrilena (P480)

Best to have with their paella, I wanted to have more of this. The flavor was just good! I especially enjoyed the Tomato Paprika Sauce as it elevated the whole dish.

Roast Long Island U.S. Duck (P1,865)

I was about to leave this food tasting event but I really wanted to wait for this. I’ve been hearing rave reviews on this that I just had to have a taste of it. Well worth the wait for it was really good. The duck was well roasted. The plating looked fantastic with that circle of Ginger Lime Sauce. And that sauce, paired perfectly with the duck.

Mango Jubilee (P250)

Matcha Cookies and Cream (P275)

I was anticipating the traffic that I would encounter. So when I was about to leave, owners insisted that I wait a few more minutes for their dessert. And yes, this was another “it was worth it!” kind of moment. Their Mango Jubilee was served with Sampaguita Ice Cream which could have that flowery taste. A bit strong but went well with the whole mix. I preferred the other dessert being the cookie lover that I am. Not to exaggerate but it was GOOD! I liked the mix of matcha, dark chocolate and walnuts. Instead of dipping it in the usual milk, they have panna cotta which balances out the cookie’s sweetness. Ah…sweet ending indeed on this food journey. 🙂

Good thing this is far from my office.  Or else I’ll be visiting it every day either for their sumptuous dishes or delectable sweet treats. And I would go broke. Haha. Prices are a bit expensive but you do pay for quality and well-crafted dishes. In terms of parking space, just say that you’re dining here as they do have slots in the building. 😉

Perfect for special occasions, moments would surely be much memorable by dining at this restaurant. 🙂

Solstice by Ilustrado
G/F 8 Rockwell, Rockwell Drive,
Rockwell, Makati City
Solstice by Ilustrado Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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