Getting “drunk” at Memorial Cafe

Ever since we landed here, it seems that we were always drinking. Well, those were note-worthy bars but maybe it was just a coincidence. Heck, my friend and I even agreed to drink wine during the flight back home. Talk about being committed! So on our last night, we decided to skip that part and get drunk on something else. And what better way to let those endorphins in with some gelato.

Their place was quite big. There was so much space that they could’ve added something to the ceiling to make it cozy. Aside from gelatos, they offer sumptuous dishes and drinks.

Crunchy Rum (Rp. 20,000)

No alcohol right? Haha. Well, one could have a free taste of every offer that they have. I tried a couple but this one made an impression on me. I don’t like rum per se but this I liked. One would still feel that alcohol kick but in a very mild way. The gelato itself was very creamy and award winningly good. It’s perfect to end one’s day on this sweet treat. πŸ™‚

Oddly enough, my friend ordered their Baileys gelato. So there you have it, we got “drunk”. Haha. But this was the I-remember-everything-type-of-drunk. Yep, it’s the happy kind that leaves with you a smile and good memories after. πŸ˜‰

Memorial Cafe
69 Jalan Legian,Β Kuta,
Bali, Indonesia
Facebook: Β


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