A good deal indeed with Foodeal!


Now that the holidays are over, time to scour those good deals. Yep, it’s that month where we start anew with our saving plans. It could sometimes get to a point where you wouldn’t want to eat out just to save. Fret no more, and let Foodeal help you. 🙂


With Foodeal, users can easily search for places that they prefer, be it a nearby restaurant or a café where they would like to hang out. The app lets users discover restaurant promos and discounts based on their current or chosen location within Metro Manila, as well as and the promo information and mechanics. Foodeal also lets users ‘Favorite’ restaurants and get notified on their next discounts and promos, or they can ‘Like’ promos that they want to save and avail of later.

Sounds good right? It only shows restaurant with promos and notify users once it has expired. So you’ll definitely be in the know of what’s hot and not. I tried it out, and really found the app to be user friendly. 🙂

So many ways to register…how convenient!


Step 2 which is valuable if you really want to be on the lookout for a certain promo in your area.
Well how about that…I found a good one!

“The number of foodies in the Philippines has risen exponentially in the past years, and we have become aware of their need to know about the hottest and best places to eat. Foodeal does that for them – the app helps foodies find their next amazing dining experience, plus gives them a heads-up on the latest promos and discounts of the best restaurants in and around the metro, wherever they are at the moment,” says KLab Cyscorpions President and CEO Taro Noguchi.

Aside from helping foodies out, restaurant owners can benefit as they’ve developed an app for them too. Introducing Foodeal Manager…



By partnering with Foodeal, restaurant owners could attract customers by posting their running promos and deals on the app for free, and regularly update from anywhere, using just a smartphone. They can also manage their promos and notify customers directly of their latest offers and newly-registered promos via push notification. We provide analytics function as well, a feature Foodeal Manager also offers. Restaurants can check the efficiency of their latest promos and deals by tracking the real-time results. Be able to check the View, Favorite and Likes data from the last 30 days. A spike in the graph means your promo is popular among Foodeal app users.

Owning multiple restaurants? No problem for this app allows you to track multiple restaurants using just one account.

“Foodeal also gives restaurant owners the opportunity to get customers while they’re running a promo especially during off-peak hours. With the Foodeal Manager App for Restaurants, restaurant owners can post their limited-time deals and offers on Foodeal App so that people would be able to see it in real-time. And that’s also for FREE for restaurant owners.” – Taro Noguchi, KLab Cyscorpions President and CEO

Available both in the App Store and Google Play, download Foodeal now to get your daily dose of deals and promos from your fave restos. 🙂

Official website:  https://www.foodeal.com.ph/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/foodeal/


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