Barcino: More than just wine and tapas

Known for their wide selection of wine, this wine resto bar offers more than just that. Yes, they have lots of wine pairings but something must be said of their amazing food. There, I said it. The food here is amazing. And at a lunch hour, my friend and I truly had happy tummies.

The interiors of their place had this cozy feel. Though one is surrounded by probably expensive and fine wine, I somehow felt at ease and comfortable. It’s apt for some bonding moments or even for quick lunches.

I actually dined at one of their branches before with my close buddies. But when someone contacts you and tells you to try their dishes again, who would say no to that? This time around, I got to try their bestsellers. Let’s dig in. πŸ˜›

Complimentary bread
Complimentary bread

I loved how lightly toasted this bread was! It was served warm with some olive oil, tomato mix and salt. I preferred mine with just the oil as I liked the simplicity of its flavor on the bread.

Gambas Al Ajillo (P725)
Gambas Al Ajillo (P725)

And these prawns were huge! At first glance, one wouldn’t think that this is spicy. But once you slowly munch on it, the spicy garlic olive oil will slowly creep its way in. It was the right level of spiciness that went well with the natural sweetness of the prawn.

Croquetas de Chorizo (P290)

Served with garlic mayo sauce, these croquettes were rightly chorizo-filled. I liked how its taste wasn’t cloying and good on its own.

Chipirones Encebollados (P490)
Chipirones Encebollados (P490)

Sitting atop caramelized onions, this dish wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t fond of the onions. It had this aftertaste on my mouth that I couldn’t pinpoint. But the squid was very good. It was grilled well.

Paella Mixta con Jamon Serrano (P825)
Paella Mixta con Jamon Serrano (P825)

Ah…paella πŸ˜€ Just look at that lovely mix of seafood, meat and vegetables. We could have had just this. It had the ample amount of meat that could instantly fill one’s hungry belly up. The texture of the rice was gearing towards the soft side which is more appealing to the Filipino tongue. And definitely, this is good for sharing. We were only two that time, and we never got to finish this. Too bad…it really was good but we were already full!

Sangria Glass (P280)
Sangria Glass (P280)

This is, by far, their most photographed drink. It really is big. One could hold it up in front of their face, and completely hide from it. As for the taste, right balance of sweetness and punch. This will not hit you instantly but it will keep you happy. πŸ˜‰

Such bounty of food for lunch! Considering we were heading for work after this, I got a little heavy-eyed but not from the Sangria okay. πŸ˜› Β It’s from all those amazing dishes we had that I believe was close to authentic. Every dish was exquisitely prepared for. Service was top-notch too. In terms of price, not that friendlyΒ on the wallet. But if you want to spend a good time with your friends orΒ impress a date, this is definitely the place to be. πŸ˜‰

G/L Greenbelt 2,
Ayala Center, Greenbelt,
Makati City
Official website: Β
Facebook: Β
Twitter: Β
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