I’ll have some Duck & Buvette s’il vous plaît

Duck & Buvette’s aim is to serve “inspired yet simple food, using seasonal produce and handpicked ingredients, with influences from the cooking of the French countryside”. It’s such a nice and noble goal. There aren’t that many French restaurants here in the metro (or maybe not that I’m aware of) so it’s nice to have some simple French eats. Yes, I’ll have some of the dishes here please. 🙂

As much as I would have liked to dine at this section of their resto, reservations are on a high there. Luckily, my friend and I were seated at their “al fresco” section. Since this is situated in a mall, it doesn’t have that authentic al fresco feel but that space was very open. It was equally nice too. Overall elan was very casual and chic.

Citrus Osmanthus Organic Tea Cooler (P145)

House Brew Lemon Iced Tea (P95)

I was still on a coffee high so I opted for their iced tea instead. I loved how it wasn’t sweet with the lemon complementing the tea nicely.

Wild Sourdough Bread Basket (P120)

This was soooo goooooddd. My friend told me that we had to try the bread here. No regrets whatsoever as it is indeed a must-try here. It was lightly toasted and served with some butter. It was quite heavy too.

Crispy Potato Pave and Salty Duck Egg (P175)

You know what amazed me with this bite? The potato layers. Don’t be fooled by its cube appearance for it has many thin potato layers.I wasn’t able to capture it as I only got a closer look before taking a bite. It paired well with the salty duck egg, which didn’t overpower the dish, and creme fraiche.

Maple Candied Bacon and Lemon (P175)

BACON. Yeah…I should leave it at that. Hahaha. This was really delicious. It does have this sticky feel all thanks to that lovely maple. I didn’t mind it for the taste was just inexplicably good. Or maybe I’m just biased because I love bacon. 😛

Confit of Pork Belly with Egg and Rice (P360)

By this time, we could have skipped this one. We were filled up with the bread and appetizers. But since we ordered this, might as well eat it. Lightly drizzled with raspberry and balsamic reduction, this was just okay. The pork belly was crispy but it had parts where it was salty. Not sure if sea salt is to be blamed for this but it still had plus notes. You could just have it with rice and egg or spread the drizzle evenly.

Will I have some more of this? Most probably yes. I actually wanted to try their waffles and other delectable sweet treats but alas, my tummy couldn’t hold it no more. Price could be expensive if you order their mains but if you stick to their bites and baked goods, it’s of a reasonable one. You are ensure of quality French dishes so it’s worth one’s money. Service was okay too. So yeah, I’ll have some of Duck & Buvette s’il vous plaît. 🙂

Duck & Buvette
2/L Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza,
Ortigas Center, Ortigas,
Mandaluyong City
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/duckbuvette/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/duckbuvette/
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  1. That ice cream cart at the last picture has D&B’s most fantastic ice cream treat we’ve tasted so far – the French Ice Cream Sandwich. 😀 (I’ve written about that dessert in this triptych from two years ago: https://themonchingsguide.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/97-on-new-takes-on-ice-cream-sandwiches-triptych-13/)

    Aside from the Chocolate-Vanilla variant I tried out, they also have Honey-Thyme and Passionfruit-Raspberry flavors. My girlfriend ordered the second one and told me that it reminded her of TWG Tea in Singapore! (On a side note, TWG’s branch there is a short walk away.) XD

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