Feeling the grandeur of the Royal Indian Curry House

Ever since I read Jay’s post (read his full article here) about this resto, I’ve been setting my eyes on dining here. Indian restaurants in town seem to be low in supply especially the good ones. Just by the mere name of it, of course I had expectations. I expected the place to be extra nice and the dishes to be oh-so-good. Did my friends and I felt that Royal Indian Curry House grandeur?

Don’t let that small space fool you for this place has 5 floors. Yep, it’s a building! Their fourth floor serves as their function rooms and the fifth floor as their sports bar. They even have that Aflatoon Jeepney Bar. The rest of the floors are dedicated to their diners craving for some good Indian food. Basing on this floor alone, it does feel quite grand in a modern sense. I liked the plush velvet seats and high ceiling. I was surprised by the metal plates. Not sure how I was going to dine for it’s my first time experiencing it.

Samosa (P 159)

One could opt for the non-vegetarian version of this. We had the vegetarian kind as we had multiple meat dishes that day. The pastry was a little thick but very much filled with potatoes and peas. It was served with multiple dips which I forgot to take note of. My friends and I liked the green one. It had this mild flavor that balanced the samosa. The red was spicy and the dark brown one was tamarind dip.

Plain Basmati Rice (P 179)

Curry was in order so it was best to pair it with some plain Basmati Rice. 😛

Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken) (P 439)

Just look at all that sauce! Heaven for me. Hahaha. This was one of their recommended dishes that day. It’s tandoori chicken cooked in creamy tomato gravy and finished with butter-punjabi. It was indeed very creamy. The chicken was tender and had all that curry goodness in. We requested to have this dish on a mild spicy level but one could opt to amp that spice level up.

Chicken Tikka (P 439)

Another recommended dish, we just couldn’t stop eating chicken that day. Hahaha. This may look spicy but it wasn’t at all. The chicken meat was very tender and flavorful. It had this somewhat smoky taste which was a good pair to the curry dish.

Gulab Jamun (P 149)

The consistency of this dessert confused me a little. Its close to our puto but not quite. It could be likened to a muffin but more airy. Its taste was slightly sweet which was quite enjoyable. It was a good finish to all our tasty dishes that day.

So glad to have finally dined here with my close buddies! I’m always up for Indian Cuisine so yeah, I was really excited before and looking forward to dining here again. In terms of price, a little pricey but you do get quality dishes. Service was just okay but the overall ambiance was a-okay. I definitely felt some grandeur and had that “rich” experience. 😉

Royal Indian Curry House
5345 General Luna Street,
Poblacion, Makati City
Official website:  http://www.rich2015.in/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Royal-Indian-Curry-House-1626744397594344/
Royal Indian Curry House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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  1. Yeah, a bit pricey, but the dishes are great. Nakakatakam ang pics. Gusto kong bumalik ulit, 🙂

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