Bitten by the Vampire Penguin

And I must admit, I really was bitten by the Vampire Penguin. Such a peculiar but cute name for a dessert place with an even more interesting backstory. Hailing all the way from California, they decided to open their doors to bite…errr…share their delicious offers. 😉

Leo San Luis, one of the co-owners/founders of Vampire Penguin, was very hands on on their offers.

Still on its soft opening, the place had ample seating to cater budding guests. The design has this minimalist Halloween vibe with all the gray, black and orange details. It does fit the whole vampire concept but still had that very endearing feel. It definitely appeals to both kids and adults (like me. Hahaha).

Strawberry Cheesecake

Back in the US, this is their bestseller which consisted of strawberry shaved snow, crushed graham crackers, strawberries, cheesecake bits, white chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and condensed milk. I bet that this is one of their picturesque desserts. Just look at it! Isn’t it lovely? Though the taste was a little sweet for me, I did enjoy the strawberry shaved ice with the other components. It really is heavy on the syrup which added that sweetness to the dessert.



Yup, I could have ended with just that. Hahaha. I seriously loved this. I guess this appealed to me being that I like green tea. But this could please non-green tea lovers. It had this mild and smooth green tea latte taste that went well with the topped strawberries, almonds, red beans and condensed milk. I highly recommend this for anyone dropping by here. 😛


Judging by the name and the photo above, yes, that’s shaved mango snow with bagoong or shrimp paste. It’s their take on the classic Pinoy snack of green mangoes with shrimp paste. It may not be for everyone but I liked this one very much. I was a bit torn between choosing this or the VP. Maybe the factor is with me actually liking that classic snack. It may be a little weird at first but you’ll soon be comforted after. Offered only here in the Philippines, they’ll be coming up with more Pinoy based varieties soon. 😉

Honeydew Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea

Plain Penguin Puffs drizzled with Strawberry Syrup

Red Velvet Penguin Puffs drizzled with chocolate syrup

Aside from those delicious shaved snow, they have other offers too such as their milk tea, fruit tea, Penguin Puffs (version of their eggette or egg waffle) and macaroons. We got to try their milk tea and Penguin Puffs which were also good. I had their Thai Milk Tea which was very smooth and rightly sweet. As for their Penguin Puffs, I preferred their red velvet (which was recommended by their founder). It may look oh-so-sinful with that chocolate drizzle but it surprisingly was very light in terms of sweetness. The plain one was good too. In terms of its consistency, it had the right air which would fill one up if paired with their shaved snow.

And March 5 marks the day of their grand opening. Yay! 😀 But even on their soft opening, their offers here show a lot of promise. It’s very timely too as summer is slowly starting to creep its way in. Ugh…can you feel the heat? Instead of the usual ice cream, why not beat the heat with Vampire Penguin’s delectable offers? They have a lot of concoctions to choose from. But if you’re feeling creative that day, you can have it your way by building your own mix. And I’m sure that just like me, you’ll get bitten too by their delectable treats. 😉

Vampire Penguin
G/F Ayala Malls The 30th,
Meralco Avenue, Ugong,
Pasig City
Official website:
Vampire Penguin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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  1. Hmm…The 30th looks promising, even though I lean more towards Capitol Commons / Estancia. 😀

    And is that Lucky Chick at the last pic? I’ve caught wind of its UP Town Center branch closing down, but I hope that it finds its place there.

    • Ooohhh good eye! I haven’t tried that yet but hopefully, it stays there. Haven’t been to Capital Commons/Estancia but will surely drop by one of these days 🙂

      • It used to be situated in UP Town, and had a format much like Senor Pollo (chicken + a choice of two sides). Replace the roasted fowl with Taiwanese chicken fillet (a la Hot Star). Lucky Chick was a reboot of a former restaurant in UP Town, Skull and Bones, that served “college comfort food”.

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