Finding our way to Tilde Hand Craft Cafe

It was another bonding session with my buddies. We decided to walk to this cafe because according to Google Maps, it was a good 8-minute walk from our 1st stop. Little did we know that it would take more than that to find this. Not sure if it was the route we took but we eventually found it.

This cafe is located in the quiet and residential side of Makati. There’s a nearby school which is a good indicator that you’re near this small cafe. Its interiors were very simple. The first half seemed modern with all those chairs but at the back, that’s where it becomes a little quirky. We decided to sit at that corner since we were the only ones at that time. Some customers came but mostly to take out food. They have a lot of offers aside from their pastries which includes some cold cuts.

As we were still full from our 1st stop, it was purely drinks at this point. Below were our individual choices.

Strawberry Cream Soda Ginny Adult Soda (P 120)

Cold Brew Coffee (P 175)

Kitanglad Soft Brew (P 150)

To be honest, I was intrigued by their “adult soda”. I don’t know why they called it such but my non-coffee drinker friend tried it out of curiosity. He opted for the Strawberry Cream Soda flavor as according to the server, that was their bestseller. I had a sip of it and well, it tasted like medicine. Or one of those sweet strawberry candies but in a shake form. My friend was able to drink it through somehow. On the other hand, their coffee was their saving grace for me. My friend enjoyed her Cold Brew Coffee which was smooth. It was served with ice but milk or ice cream may be added to it. I had their Kitanglad Soft Brew. Something about the description of it in their menu enticed me to choose it. It says there that “the landscape and climate is gently revealed in this cup as well as the painstaking care of our tribal partners who grow and harvest these beans”. True enough, it was gently revealed to me. It wasn’t strong but indeed had this soft and smooth taste. It was the perfect brew for me that afternoon.

I read somewhere that their sourdough bread was a must-try. I had this to go and stored in the freezer. I had a hard time slicing it after. Haha. But in terms of taste, it was actually good. It had that tarty taste that I was looking for.

Though a little hard to find (or maybe it was just our navigation skills), it was worth our time spending the afternoon here. It’s one of those cafes where you could have intimate chats and have some good coffee. And maybe a couple of dishes or desserts too. But that’s probably for another not-getting-lost visit.

Tilde Hand Craft Cafe
G/F EWC Building,
5417 Matilde cor. General Luna Street,
Poblacion, Makati City
Tilde Hand Craft Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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