Papa Diddi’s: More than just handcrafted ice cream

I can distinctly remember their stall during the Ultimate Taste Test 2015. Among all the purveyors that day, their ice cream did make an impression. Though a little icy, I still enjoyed the unique flavor that I had then. Fast forward to now, I was pleasantly surprised that they’ve expanded and even have a restaurant now in Ortigas. Serving up more than just their handcrafted ice cream, it’s time to taste other offers of this restaurant.

Neat placemat right? I like the pocket there where all the utensils are placed. The overall vibe was just warm and homey with a little quirky side (just look at those lighting details). It has a very high ceiling which makes it open and welcoming.

Pressed Coffee: Sagada (P 90)

Check out their spoon!

They have three choices for their pressed coffee, namely, Benguet, Kalinga and Sagada. I opted for Sagada which is the lightest among the three. Benguet was the strongest with Kalinga having that medium roast taste. I decided not to add the sugar and milk first to taste the brew itself. It was indeed very light, and quite similar to drinking tea. I was able to just drink it on its own and felt the lightness of the coffee beans.

Champorado and Bagnet (P 199)

This was one of their recommended dishes with an odd pairing. I don’t know why I was gravitated towards this but maybe it’s an IDILY hangover. Hahaha. The champorado itself was good on its own. I liked the chocolate used in the mix as it wasn’t that sweet. And yes, it did work with the paired bagnet. The pairing was just crunchy yet still had that succulent meat in. Ugh…just want to make you do this dance. Mwehehe πŸ˜›

Tres Leches (P 65)

One must not leave this place without having dessert. Or a scoop of their handcrafted ice cream. I tried their Tres Leches which is a mix of condensada, carabao’s milk and coconut milk. The result was a mildly sweet ice cream that was a good ending to the dishes I had here. It may not have that creamy texture but still a good scoop.

This ice cream joint definitely did that successful crossover to serving up good Pinoy dishes. Yes, I only had one but it showed promise. Prices are quite affordable which makes it a good resto for family gatherings or bonding with friends. Indeed, Papa Diddi’s is more than just handcrafted ice cream but delicious dishes too. πŸ™‚

Papa Diddi’s
North Tower, The Sapphire Bloc Building,
Sapphire Road cor. Onyx and Garnet Streets,
Ortigas, Pasig City
Official website: Β
Facebook: Β
Twitter: Β
Instagram: Β
Papa Diddi's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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