Late night walks in the city

“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” – Vincent van Gogh

Have you ever felt that feeling of unfamiliarity with the familiar? It’s that sense of being surprised at something that you’re so used to. It’s that sudden urge to rediscover things that we thought we knew so well. I can still vaguely remember Socrates’s quote in saying that the wisest thing is knowing nothing. That stuck to me during my Philosophy class back in college. It makes a lot of sense, and opens up that curiosity door. It makes one thirst for knowledge and discovery. It makes things old seem new. Much like the working environment that I’m in. I have been working in this city for many years now. I have seen both the day and night side of it during busy weekdays. And yet, there’s still something to discover especially at night during the weekend. I took a stroll along that supposed busy side, and I found it empty. Clean. Serene. Alive.


It was oh-so-quiet that I had to blast this song up. Just kidding πŸ˜› I think I had a couple of Coldplay and mellow tunes in the back. It was just needed for that calming stroll that night. I needed it. I needed to be calm as the stresses of life were getting to me. I was at the point of getting tired and literally sick from all the activities that I needed this: a calming night city walk. I’m so used to rushing these areas so it was like having a new pair of glasses that night. It all just felt unfamiliar that it gave me this jolt of excitement to explore the city again.

As the light danced from the city’s passing vehicles, buildings and streetlights, the night was indeed very much alive and richly colored. And my heart and soul was glad to have been a part of it even for just a short while.


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