Living that Boracay Island Life

Ah…summer is closely moving in. 🌴 I can almost feel the cool crashing waves and the hush bristle of the palm leaves. Except that I’m seemingly stuck in my cubicle right now and thinking all about my deadlines. Hahaha. So it’s timely that I reminisce and share to you my last travel for last year: Boracay.

Going here during the last of the ber months was a bit serene. None of those lively action you see during the summer. To be honest, I do prefer this. It made it seem like the whole island was there for my friends and I (and a couple of other tourists too).

We were there for a couple of days just lounging around. We explored, drank, ate and of course, swam the cool waters of its sea. Being here takes all of life’s stresses away. It’s so far from the bustling city that it recharges you. As much as I was ready to open the corporate doors after this trip, it also made me want to live this kind of life: a carefree and calming Boracay kind of island life. 🌴


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