Villa de Oro and that sudden rain downpour

I try to take good photos. I really do. I’m happy whenever people say that they’re suddenly hungry after seeing my captured photos. But now, I think I failed. I didn’t bring my DSLR or my phone with me when we had dinner, and opted to use my GoPro instead. Okay…now I sound braggy there. Haha. Don’t get me wrong though. That action camera is good though I was just shaky all through out. Or maybe it was just the weather. Yeah…I blame it on the weather. 😉

This is actually a resort but their restaurant is open for everyone. Good thing too as we were looking for a place to have dinner that time. It was quite spacious and crowded. The place got more crowded when it suddenly rained. Yep, it rained. Their place wasn’t completely roofed. It had these open sections. Unfortunately, our original place was catching some raindrops so we had to transfer. And so does the other diners. Maybe they have to improve on that.

Bangus Value Meal (P 179)

Chicken Breast Value Meal (P 179)

Their value meals all came with a soup, rice and a glass of iced tea. The soup was really peppery. I like pepper and all but it was just too much for me. I had the chicken breast, and found it to be grilled well. For a value meal, it was okay. It did fill me up. Service was okay too. They did have a lot of customers that time. Couple that up with the sudden downpour, well, let’s just say it got hectic. Overall, it was just an okay experience. And oh, here’s a really blurry (or we can say artsy but NO) photo. 😦

Villa de Oro
White Beach Path,
Malay, Aklan
Official website:


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