A not so victorious dinner at Victory Divers Bar & Restaurant

When you see a sign that says “buffet” and “seafood”, who wouldn’t be captivated by that? It seems to be a good combination too as we were at the beach where you’ll expect fresh and tasty seafood dishes. At P280 per head, that seems to be a steal price. Sadly, it wasn’t the grand victory I expected. 😦

Their seating capacity was quite okay. It was ample for the incoming guests. As for the food choices, those on the buffet were underwhelming. There were only a few choices with most being of the non-seafood kind. There was also soup though I bet that it’s from a bought pack in the supermarket. As for the seafood dishes, well, I shouldn’t have expected much. It wasn’t fresh and most were of the less seasoned kind.

I bet that as a resort, this joint is doing well. But as a restaurant, I’ll probably skip it. The price did seem too good to be true. I wish we could’ve headed to theΒ dampaΒ or market where one could have the freshest seafood cooked. And for sure, those would have tasted good.

Victory Divers Bar & Restaurant
Station 2,
Boracay Island,
Malay, Aklan
Official resort website: Β http://www.victorydivers.com/
Facebook: Β https://www.facebook.com/VictoryBeachResort/



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  1. I can say the same for this resto. Plus, the time that we were there, there were cars loitering around the buffet area. Food was undeniably affordable though.

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