The Crystal Cove Maze

Back when this island wasn’t a hotspot for parties, I was able to see it at its raw form. I was very young then but I could distinctly remember the serene life with the gentle hush of the sea waves. Crystal Cove was very much present then, and has always welcomed its guests. This is usually part of island tours. It’s just nice to go back here and feel the waves.

Waves looked crazy right? It really was. If I remember correctly, there was an impending typhoon that time. One could actually swim in either of the coves but it wasn’t advisable that time due to the waves’ condition. It was just splashing all over that my bag got wet and one of my slippers almost got carried away. My friend even got a proof of just how crazy the waves were.

It’s still one of those top things to do in Boracay. It’s easy to go here as most boat tours have this on their itineraries. A more apt time to go here would be during summer time where the waves in the coves are calm and perfect for swimming. πŸ™‚

Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove Island, Caticlan,
Malay, Aklan
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