Matcha love at Tsujiri

I have nothing but love for this dessert place. To be specific, I have great matcha love for this. I have been wanting to visit this place ever since it opened. And I bet all matcha lovers have been waiting patiently to try this one out too.

This place was really small. What makes it somehow big was the mirror on the side. But it had limited seats so one has to be on a watchout during its busy hours. Its interiors were very simple with green hues to have that matcha vibe.

Tsujiri Milk (Medium at P170)

O-Matcha Cappuccino (P 140)

Since I like my drinks hot, I had their O-Matcha Cappuccino of course! I was just curious as to how they turned matcha into a cappuccino consistency. The result? It was GOOD. Heartwarmingly good to be exact πŸ˜› I liked the foam and that pop of white color in the middle against the rich green base. The drink’s texture was very smooth too. I felt warm and giddy after. As much as this was good, their cold drinks are good as well. Their Tsujiri Milk was very smooth.

Matcha Lava Cake (P 250)

Do you ever get that feeling of wandering eyes? And then when something catches your eye, you instantly zoom in on it, and never wander off? Yeah, I got that with this sweet dish. I was curious as to how they infused the matcha inside. I was curious too on how sweet this would be. Surprisingly, it wasn’t sweet at all. It had this slight sweetness to it that balanced well with the whole cake and cream atop. Perfect to pair either with a hot or cold drink here πŸ™‚

Tsujiri Sundae (P 285)

It’s impossible not to see this dessert in the Instagram rounds. Out of all their offers, this is their most photogenic dessert. Just look at that beaut! It’s beautifully layered that makes it really cute and IG-post worthy. In terms of taste, it delivered with high scores! All the components here just worked together. This is available in vanilla as well but really, just please get the matcha one. πŸ™‚

Yep, I got to have real matcha experience here. They have a multitude of matcha offers that I wanted to actually try them all on that day. But alas, the day has to end and so does my wallet. Hahaha. I do hope they expand to more branches. I bet non-matcha folks would like this one too. They have non-matcha offers that I bet are just as good too. So if you’re having that mad matcha craving or just want to end on a sweet note, add this to your list of dessert places. πŸ˜‰

2F S Maison, Conrad Manila,
Seaside Boulevard cor. Coral Way,
Mall of Asia Complex (MOA),
Pasay City
Official website: Β
Facebook: Β
Twitter: Β
Instagram: Β
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  1. Yes! Tsujiri is really perfect for matcha lovers. I love their citronne matcha cake.

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