That time I wore a onesie at the House of Unicorns

Would you believe that it’s possible to go to a magical land even if it’s just for a few hours? It’s possible go to a unicorn-filled land where one’s troubles will melt away. And yes, the House of Unicorns is the restaurant that’s making this a possibility.

My camera couldn’t take all that cuteness in! Haha. Every nook and cranny was filled with anything related to the magical creature. The interiors were very girly with all those pops of color. Aside from the cute interiors, one could dine wearing a unicorn onesie here. Yup, this was the time I wore this unicorn onesie here. It makes for one interesting dining experience though I had to take the hoodie down ‘coz it felt weird at some point. Hehe.

Buffalo Wings (P 168)

Β I liked the splash of pesto sauce on this. The chicken was fried well and tasted good. This geared toward the sweet side as compared to the tangy and slightly spicy taste of normal buffalo wings.

Baked Fries & Cheese (P158)

This is their version of a macaroni & cheese only that they replaced macaroni with baked fries. This was a good take too for the flavor on this was quite good. Perfect as a starter

Meat Tofu Boat (P128)

I wish I had more of this. Out of all the appetizers, I enjoyed this one the most. I liked the tasty flavor of the meat inside the tofu. Though the tofu boat was little dry, I guess they were going for that crunchy taste as it had that factor in.

100% Beef Burger (P168)

I had to agree with my fellow reviewers on the bread here but it’s one of those humble burgers. I was surprised with the beef patty for it was huge. Overall taste was quite good though nothing that really stood out if compared to other burgers out there.

Carbonara (P168)

We were served with two pasta dishes that day but I wasn’t able to take a photo of their Pesto Pasta. I did prefer that over their Carbonara. I just find the dish above to be sweet and a lil on the creamy side. The taste of the Pesto Pasta was just nice and simple. It wasn’t overwhelming as compared to their carbonara.

Rib-Eye Steak (P188)

Yup, that’s their steak. To be honest, I was shocked. And I wasn’t the only one. When you think of steak, you imagine something that’s juicy and thick. This one lacked in the thickness aspect. It’s close to the thinness of aΒ tapa. I did like the flavor of this though.

Texas BBQ Ribs (P178)

I liked the intention of this dish but it wasn’t quite there yet. I would have liked for the ribs to pack that flavor without having to need a separate container for the sauce.

Apple Compote (P168)

Butter Oreo (P138)

Milkshake (P158)

Now for the main event: desserts! At this magical place, you have to save room for their sweet treats. From the two served waffles, I preferred the Apple Compote. I liked its simple taste. The Butter Oreo was pretty good too. It all boils down to the batter. The waffle itself was quite compact and had that right airiness to it. Not really sure what happened to the whipped cream but it probably stayed for some time in the counter; hence, its downfall on the photos. As for their milkshake, it was a win for me! I liked its creamy texture and overall taste.

This resto has a lot going for itself. And I do see a promising future for it. When we visited, they were only open for less than a month. Personally, I try not to visit any resto on soft opening. There’s so much pressure on the owner in terms of its overall operations. It did kinda show during our visit. There were notable delays in between servings of the dishes. Tastewise, some were good though some could use a bit of tweaking. I was also expecting some out-of-this-world dishes that were very whimsical. I wouldn’t mind paying a higher price for that. But I must say the dishes here are very affordable with some good for sharing. No question about its interiors for I’m sure, it will be a hit to both family and friends.

House of Unicorns Cafe
51 Lilac Street,
Concepcion Dos,
Marikina City
Facebook: Β
House of Unicorns Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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