Reading some District Komiks

To be honest, I didn’t read comics much when I was a kid. I was too engrossed in reading books at the library. Okay…that last bit was a lie. Haha. I did wish I read more comics back then. I read a few ones that I could count with my two hands. At this restaurant, I definitely can achieve that while having some of their delicious dishes. πŸ˜‰

I liked the simple interiors of the place. There were a lot of random stuff thrown in but it all somehow fit. The ambiance was very casual that it makes one feel very comfortable in an instant. I feel that I could go here wearing my “pambahay” clothes while playing some of the games here.

Red Cabbage Salad (P95)

We first had their salad which was very fresh. I liked that they used red cabbage as their base instead of the usual greens that a salad has. All the components here worked with the yummy honey mustard sauce.

Poorman Sandwich (P60)

This may not seem to be a lot but those sandwich bits packed a lot of flavor. Not seen on the photo, the sandwich had tapa and cheese which was a good combination. Served with very crunchy fries, this is definitely one “sulit” sandwich.

We were served with two pasta dishes and 4 of their main rice dishes that day. Yep, you could just imagine how full we were that day. πŸ˜€ Now let me go through the pasta dishes first.

Carbonara (P120)
Tuyo Pasta (P120)

Both pasta dishes were equally good! To give that Pinoy flare, they added adobo flakes in their Carbonara while their Tuyo Pasta had the addition of salted eggs. Their Carbonara was rightly creamy. The mushroom cream sauce wasn’t over the top that I could still have another bite. As for their Tuyo Pasta, it was very simple but those sliced salted egg bits placed it on another level.

Tapsilog (P85)
Chicksilog (P95)
Longsilog (P85)

Aside from those three dishes, they also served Paresilog (P85) which I wasn’t able to take a photo of. Among the 4 silog dishes, the Chicksilog was definitely the crowd favorite. It had a crispy exterior while retaining that juicy taste inside. It didn’t need any sauce for it was flavorful on its own. I was torn between that one and their Longsilog. Maybe it’s my bias kicking in but I find comfort in the latter. They did it just right with having a little sweetness to the dish. Each dish was actually a winner as the serving size was huge. Imagine that for those prices, you get your egg of any choice along with a generous amount of garlic rice. You get a side of cucumber and salad to act as a palate cleanser.

Jelly Cake (P100)
Vanilla Cake (P200)

The fun doesn’t stop there. We had to make room for their desserts. And how delectable those were! Their Jelly Cake was definitely a showstopper. It might not be visible much in the photo but it has a flower inside. It’s amazing how they were able to do that. In terms of taste, it was quite pleasing and simple. You would slightly feel the flavor of the lime and almond there. On the other hand, their Vanilla Cake was just intricate. I liked the overall design. At first, I thought that it would be sweet because of the thick frosting. It surprisingly wasn’t as sweet. The layers were quite dense and did have that vanilla flavor.

Sweet Suman Coated with Chicharon (P45/piece)

This deserves a special mention. And this might very well be their signature dessert. Of course, Rizal is known for being home to amazing suman and cashew nuts. They’ve taken that by having this sinful yet satisfyingly good dessert. They coated the suman with sugar, cashew and chicharon. The flavor was inexplicably GOOD. But one has to eat with care because of the chicharon. Hehe πŸ˜›

Calamansi Juice (P35)

Better skip this drink. Well, I hope they changed it somehow. It was just too sweet for me. It’s probably best to just have water or soft drink to pair with their dishes.

If only this place wasn’t far, I would have brought my friends and hanged out here a lot. Not only is the food good but super duper affordable. Every peso spent here is well worth it. The quality of the dishes were good so as the presentation and serving size. We were all so happy that day that the distance was quite worth it. πŸ™‚

District Komiks
Manuel L. Quezon Ext,
Antipolo, Rizal
Facebook: Β
Instagram: Β


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