Building that Brick Burger

Are you a fond of building things when you were young? Did you use to play with building blocks to transform some pieces to, let’s say, resemble a building? Are you a fan of Lego? If those are checks for you, then this burger joint is the place to be. 😉

Not only Lego fans but also those that are not would surely go gaga at this place. Every corner was filled with anything but bricks! One would see their favorite character in brick form. I especially liked the special dioramas (Star Wars FTW!!!). The seats are in brick form too so it may be a bit uncomfortable. But hey, they are really consistent even up to that level.

Ensalata Tricolore Salad (P175)

Who knew that walnut brittle could make a salad taste good? They sure did for this salad was just that. It was good, fresh and very tasty.

Nacho Fries (P140)

Nacho chip or fries? This resto made it easier by combining both and making a nacho party. I liked how the base (nacho chips and fries) was apt for the size of the other ingredients.

Chicken Cheese Sticks (P145)

Mannnn…this was so good! It came with a dip but without it, it was good. I liked how generous they were on the chicken and cheese on every stick. Serving size was pretty good too for its price.

Fantastic Four (P450)

They do have the classic wings but if you prefer to have the flavored ones, their Fantastic Four is for you. It consisted of their Buffalo Wings, Honey Bbq Wings, Garlic Parmesan Wings and Correa’s Wings. All were equally good with its own unique taste. I did prefer the Buffalo Wings for it packed that buffalo taste that I was looking for: tangy and a bit spicy.

Carbonara (P175)

And this was our 3rd Carbonara for the day. Hahaha. This was our last stop for the show, and yeah, you really couldn’t blame the restaurant from serving their well-loved dishes. You’d think that by this time, we were going to be tired of eating this pasta. Well, we were on that point BUT this was good. It had the right creaminess to it and generous too on the bacon bits.

Salisbury Steak (P160)

I am unsure if it’s visible on the photo but that patty was in a square shape. Yes, it’s all going to make sense once the burgers are in picture. Going back to this dish, I really liked how tender the patty was. The gravy had this creamy texture that went well with both the patty and the rice. The serving size was big, and could probably be shared by two persons.

Wild Style (Regular Bun: P240, Brick Bun: P250)

Now it makes sense why the patty on their Salisbury Steak is square right? Haha. For their burgers, you could get it in a regular bun. But of course, it’s more fun to have it in a brick bun. Just look at that photo above! So cute! They really had to personalize a mold for this. For the burger above, it’s their spicy burger with crispy onion rings with some garlic and bbq sauce. The taste: very nice with that heat coming along nicely. The square burger patty was tender and quite juicy. The bun was really good too. On its own, the brick bun had this slightly sweet flavor.

Darth Burger (Regular Bun: P240, Brick Bun: P250)

I LOVE THIS!!! Okay…my bias is showing just because it’s Star Wars related. But still, the flavor was soooo good. This one had caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon and bbq sauce. Yes, all my favorite ingredients in that burger. If you love those ingredients too, you are going to love this burger. It was simply tasty and so darn good! 😀

Vanilla Graham Ice Cream and Choco Oreo Ice Cream (P120/each)

When a dish has a lot going on, it takes away from what the dish should be. I’m glad their desserts didn’t go this route. The sweets above does have a lot of components what with the crushed oreo or graham bits, waffle, wafer stick and Lego-shaped chocolates. But hey, it’s a dessert and a fun one at that. It was a bit on the sweet side but it is a good ending to one’s journey here.

I bet THIS SONG is playing in your head. Amiright? Yeah? Yes? Haha. Indeed, everything was awesome here. Down from their very cute interiors up to their delicious dishes, they really lived up to the theme of being a brick restaurant. This actually gained international attention just because they were very consistent. This really had all the checks for me in terms of food quality, service and price. Yes, some dishes are expensive but you do get quality food. A fun place for the family or friends, everything is awesome when we’re living our dream. Oh no…wait…last song syndrome! HA! 😀

Brick Burger
2F Hampton Gardens Arcade,
C. Raymundo Avenue, Maybunga,
Pasig City
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  1. my son will love this! sana maka visit kami.

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