Doing the Mr. Roboto dance

Did you ever get that feeling where you want to dance because the food is good? I did. Specifically, I wanted to do the robot dance to this tune. Holla to 90s kids out there! Hahaha πŸ˜€

The interiors have this throwback-to-the-90s feel yet having a modern take. I liked that they made the space looked open as the place itself was quite small. You have your bar for solo diners and multiple seats for those in groups.

Nori Nachos (P350)

Instead of the usual nacho chip, they transformed nori to a nacho consistency. Very smart on this take! Topped with crispy kani, pickled tuna and spicy salmon, this was drizzled in cream cheese and wasabi mayo. The overall taste was good and the serving size was huge. Our group of three wasn’t able to finish this. I hope they do have portion sizes for this because that serving is best for big groups.

Ultimate Prawn Tempura (P450)

Chicken Teriyaki (P420)

Chicken Katsu (P420)

I wanted to try their sushi but being hungry that time, that was out of the option. Haha. We had their rice meals instead which was big in terms of portion. If you’re not that hungry, two people could share one rice dish and order sushi on the side. Both the tempura and chicken teriyaki were good. Their Ultimate Prawn Tempura had a lot of components such as vegetable tempura and soft boiled egg which paired well with the whole dish. Its sauce was quite different. Veering from the usual consistency of a tempura sauce, theirs was thick. It was good in terms of flavor. Their Chicken Teriyaki was quite good. The chicken was grilled well and very tender. I had their Chicken Katsu in curry sauce. I enjoyed every bite of that dish. The chicken was crunchy and at the same time, tender and juicy on the inside. I liked the kick on their curry sauce which paired well with the Chicken Katsu. It came with a different sauce (forgot to take note of it) but I liked it w/o it.

Dishes are a tad bit on the expensive side but most are good for sharing. I was able to try their sushi dish (Shake Nigiri to be exact) which had that secret secret sauce. I found it to have an interesting flavor but good though my friend that time didn’t enjoy it as much. Since I was back a week later, that’s a testament to how good the food is here. Service was on point and it’s just fun to be around their quirky and colorful interiors. After my first dining experience, I literally wanted to do the robot dance but I was so full then. For fear of getting an appendicitis, my tummy just figuratively did that dance. πŸ˜‰

Mr. Roboto
G/F ATC Corporate Center,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
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