To EACH his own

We all have different preferences in life. Some prefer tea over coffee. Some like their drinks hot while some like it cold. Some prefer to be alone over being in a big crowd. Indeed, each to his own. As much as we have our own likings, this cafe will surely have something to serve you. Yes, they mostly serve coffee but they do have a chocolate drink or you may prefer their delectable dishes. Their space was quite small with a minimalist design in mind. They do have a 2nd floor but I found the lower space to be more comfy. Besides, I get to see the action on the bar going on.

Iced Latte (P150)

Cappuccino (P130)

It was one hot day yet I still opted for a hot drink. It was a much needed caffeine jolt for me too. And I got it from that cappuccino above. My friend liked her Iced Latte as well which looked very pretty with its layers. No wonder the coffee is good here as this cafe is a partner venture with the owner of Magnum Opus. Any coffee choice here would surely be a hit to aficionados out there.

Salmon Rice Curry (P280)

Chicken Rice Masala (P280)

I had the latter dish and upon first bite, I regretted choosing a hot drink. Their Chicken Rice Masala was indeed very spicy. And it’s the kind that’s just pure heat. I wish I could’ve tasted the other spices in the dish but all I felt was heat on heat. My friend’s dish was better though spicy as well.

Though their dishes was so-so for me, I heard that their other meals are okay. My friend had their Each Breakfast which was a win for her. But I guess the main focus here is their coffee. Its best to grab a sumptuous lunch/dinner elsewhere, and end it with a cuppa joe at this cafe.

Exchange Alley Coffee House
Molito Commercial Complex,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Exchange Alley Coffee House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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