The very welcoming Goto Monster

As Halloween is slowly creeping in, monsters are preparing their much-awaited surprises for everyone. It’s that time of the year where scares and spooks abound the land. If ever you see the red-headed gal with round pigtails above, fear not for she will not scare you. Instead, she will comfort you with her warm and comforting dishes. 😛

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the whole place but just of the decorative interiors. Their space was really small with just one long table inside. They do have seats outside with some pop-up tables and chairs. With no air conditioning system in place, it’s one of those humble gems in Makati where the food is the main highlight. According to my friend, who took us to this place, people flock here especially at night. They serve the best hangover food where one will simply be comforted.

What astounds me is their selection of sauces which are all made in house. And yes, some are on sale, namely, their Spicy Tinapa and Labuyo sauces. Now, let’s move onto the dishes served that night!

Tokwa + Bagnet (P95)
Porkbagnetsilog (P140)
Chickenbagnetsilog (P140)
Goto Beef Tripe Special Lugaw (P95)
Leche Flan Ice Cream Pop (P60)

Pork Bagnet Special Lugaw (P95)

There were rave reviews with their pork bagnet so I gave in. My companions did too. I had their Pork Bagnet Special Lugaw which had salted egg instead of the usual boiled egg. I found it to be a pretty interesting addition since it made the dish more flavorful. The porridge itself was quite good. I liked the consistency of the rice. It was my first time having it with pork bagnet and let me tell you, the combination worked! I liked how crunchy the pork was. As much I don’t eat fat, I ate fat on this. And I didn’t mind it at all. 🙂

Salabat Ginger & Turmeric Fresh Slushie (P85)

I sensed that I would be eating something sinful that night. I paired my dish with this slushie to balance everything out. To be honest, I’m not a fan of salabat. I guess I’m not alone in this world on that one. I just can’t take the ginger taste. Some tend to have a strong ginger taste that it’s not drinkable. I took a risk on this one. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I found myself sipping more of the drink. You could really taste the ginger in the whole drink but it was balanced by the coolness of it all. It’s best to drink it while very cold because towards the end, I found myself forcing to drink it. Hehe

And I don’t have a decent photo of its exterior. We had to go back to the office; hence, the hurried exterior photo. The location is not near the CBD side yet a lot of people flock here. When we left, a couple of cars where parking nearby. It’s one of those restos that’s perfect after work. It’s where one can be completely casual and bond over great and super affordable food. Yep, this monster will definitely welcome you and even make you full. 😉

Goto Monster
Primo de Rivera Street cor. Pablo Ocampo Sr. Extension,
La Paz, Makati City
Goto Monster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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  1. looks delicious saka mura!

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