Staying connected with Flytpack

Staying connected online has definitely made a lot of things easier. Especially when you travel where you could search a plethora of information on the web regarding your destination. During my trip to Japan, my companions and I found it very convenient to have mobile internet connection. The Airbnb we rented had this portable wifi that we got to use to navigate the area. We almost didn’t get lost. Hahaha. Fast forward a year later, my family and I went on this trip (and I hope to get to post stuff about this by next week πŸ˜‰ ) where we needed to stay connected. There’s the option of buying a local sim card, and use the packaged data but my parents won’t be able to use it. Plus, it would just drain the life out from my phone. Good thing Flytpack was there to the rescue!

Yay for another unsponsored review! Lol

It’s easy to get the device. All you have to do is go to their website and place in all the details (departure and arrival date). The connection itself gets activated on the date of your departure. Mine was a special case as our flight leaves at midnight. I then inquired if I could have the departure date set to the next day. No problemo on that! That’s how flexible they are to your travel needs. After placing in all the necessary details, you place in if you opt to pick it up (either at NAIA 3 or at their office) or have it delivered. I opted to have mine picked up at NAIA 3. Once done, all you have to do is pay. Please note though that they have a deposit fee which will be returned after the end of your trip.

All devices come in this pouch (forgot to take a photo) where a travel adapter and charging cable is included. The pouch is really nice and cute. It had some information too regarding the device. Picking up was easy so as the drop-off part. As for the actual connection, it was pretty good though I experienced a problem during our trip. The connection suddenly got lost that I had to call their hotline for it. Not sure if it was the location but after calling them, the connection got restored. It took about two hours (from the time the connection got lost) before the connection came back. I mainly used the device for navigation purposes so yeah, experienced a little bit of panic there (plus, I paid for it and all. Haha). Another problem I experienced was with the deposit part. It’s supposed to be credited to your bank account 5 days after the end of your trip. I was chill that time but when the time passed, I wondered where it went. Not sure how the accounts got mixed up but after I reported it, I got the deposit back.

Despite those issues, I still liked the overall service. I liked how it’s very convenient to order it a few days before your travel. One of my colleagues at work used it, and was very happy. Compared to buying a local SIM, it’s probably cheaper. They even have promos if you’re staying at a place longer. There might have been problems with my experience but I’ll probably give it another try in the future. πŸ™‚

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