Visiting the Land Down Under!

Ah…Australia! Finally got to visit this place after years of having it just a dream. My family and I were supposed to go here years ago but we ended up going someplace else. Back then, I wasn’t into DIYs then. Airbnb was non-existent so you could just imagine how expensive it was. Fast forward to now, going here isn’t cheap but less expensive compared to before. I believe planning is key to make one’s stay here worthwhile and friendly on the budget. 😉

First stop: Sydney!

Our flight from Manila landed here at Sydney. I liked how convenient the transportation was here. Google Maps helped a lot in getting us to the various destinations. We avoided getting a taxi as hailing one would be expensive as expected. It helps to have an Opal card as you can use it to most of the public transportation here including ferries. Most of the tourist spots we went here had no entrance fee (yay!!!). As for the food, I had to search for ones that were really friendly on one’s wallet. I do think that overall, food here is expensive so you have to research and choose wisely. We only stayed here for a couple of days but I did love the energy this city exuded. Not sure if it was the city gal in me but there was something about this place that really pulled me in.

Next stop: Melbourne!

Compared to Sydney, Melbourne was quite relaxed. It had this very chill vibe about it. In terms of transportation, we mainly used the trams especially the free ones. Yes, there’s a free tram within the CBD area. It makes touring the city less expensive. We still got the myki card since we used the train but I think one could get away without it if you’ll be staying in the CBD area. Our stay here was shorter and to be honest, I wanted it to be longer. This place had a lot of tourist spots too which I noticed highlighted more on the art scene.

Last stop: Gold Coast!
So I only have one photo of this. And yeah, it’s their go explore card. Hehe. We used this one mostly for their trams and buses. For the place, it’s very, very, very relaxed compared to the other two we went. Well, people do flock here for some good surfing or to go to the various theme parks here.

It was nice to finally see Australia. Though we never got to go on those nature trips, those city ones were a nice prologue that leaves you wanting more of the place. I do wish going here could be less expensive. There are cheap flights but you’d want to be comfortable during that 8 hour flight from Manila. For our accommodation, it was Airbnb all the way. It’s way cheaper compared to a hotel. Besides, it kind of makes you have a peek on the living conditions here. For the food, we mostly ate at restos but we got goodies too from the various supermarkets here. I loved going to Coles and Woolworths. It was fun to see all the healthy options there because here in Manila, those goods are expensive. We never got to visit any Aldi but I heard that items there are cheaper compared to the ones we visited. If you’ll be staying here for a long time, it’s cheaper to just buy your stuff at the supermarket and cook your own food (as long as it’s allowed for your accommodation).

As with all my other trips, I’ll be posting sights and eats we had here. To be honest, it was a feat arranging our itinerary. I couldn’t just wing it as not only was our budget tight but also our time. One has to make the most out from here to get the best time and forge unforgettable memories. 🙂

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  1. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Remember to eat some ribs…it’s delicious over there!

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