Hello Chinatown Sydney!

It’s always nice to visit any Chinatown anywhere in the world. There’s always a different vibe wherever it is situated. In Sydney, it still had this busy feel but in a muted way. It was quite small with a couple of stores around.

This was just a quick stop for us. We were supposed to buy some pastries from this restaurant (the photo above with the long line) but we were still quite full then. We did get to buy some goodies at the other shops there which were reasonably priced.

Yes, we must “continue the past into the future”. I think this is mainly incorporating elements as we could all learn something from the past. This is such a nice thought to ponder on after leaving this place.

George Street,
Sydney, Australia
Official website:Β Β http://sydney-chinatown.info/



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  1. China town! Coming from Hong Kong I don’t have much interest in China town but meh..I guess being chinese I have to visit haha..thanks for sharing, happy blogging!

  2. Why was there such a line to the restaurant? Were they really THAT good? And interesting saying on the entrance…

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