The golden hue of St. Mary’s Cathedral

Despite catching fire in 1865, it was rebuilt to become the beautiful cathedral that it is today. The details outside truly will catch anyone’s eye.

Inside the cathedral, it truly was golden. I couldn’t believe it. I saw some photos on the web, and wondered if those were photoshopped. But lo and behold, it does have this golden hue about it. I was wary of taking photos at first but we soon learned that it’s allowed after the mass. So after attending the morning mass there, I got to take in all that golden hue through the photos below.

It was nice to have attended the mass here. It was quite solemn though there’s really a mass time if you want to attend their solemn mass. It’s different from the one we attended. And I heard that one really has the choir belting their hearts out. Either way, one would still feel blessed as you go through your day.

St. Mary’s Cathedral
St. Mary’s Road,
Sydney, New South Wales
Official website:


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