Queen Victoria Building: An elegant mix of the old and the new

This building is really elegant. It’s quite noticeable in the busy side of Sydney where it takes a prominent space. Built in the 1820s, this building has a very rich history. It has gone through restoration which makes it still elegant to this very day.

There were a lot of upscale stores here. They do have a basement which has more stores that offer affordable goods.

Down from the lovely flooring up to the intricate stained glass windows, everything seemed new. It was like every wall was freshly painted. I liked the overall color scheme as it was bright and lively. It was quite open too. No need for those artificial lights as natural light easily passes through. Whether your aim is to shop or to have some tea, this elegant building is surely the place to be. πŸ˜‰

Queen Victoria Building
455 George Street,
Sydney, New South Wales
Official website:Β Β https://www.qvb.com.au/
Facebook:Β Β https://www.facebook.com/queenvictoriabuilding
Instagram:Β Β https://www.instagram.com/theqvb/



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  1. Cool! It’s funny, as soon as I saw the picture I thought I recognised it. This is despite not living in Sydney for very long and reading the post I don’t even know if I have walked past it. Maybe I have and I subconsciously acknowledged it scrolling through WordPress. Strange!

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