Relaxing by the Old Vienna Coffee House

Roaming the Queen Victoria Building could get tiring.  To ease us through the day, we decided to grab a quick snack. It was either this famous tea place or this cafe right beside. Since my parents weren’t tea drinkers, we decided to go for this cafe which served not only food but some art as well.

It was like I was transported to those classic cafes in Europe. Well, I haven’t been there but it certainly felt that way. I especially liked the chandelier for it gave this somewhat grand feel. There maybe limited seats inside but their seating extends outside of that space.

French Toast (A$13.90) served with tea or coffee

Blueberry Muffin (A$ 11.50) served with coffee or tea

Scones with jam and whipped cream (A$ 12.20) served with coffee or tea

All of our chosen snacks that day were served with coffee but you can also have the option of choosing tea. I was still on a high with my scones experience the other day that I wanted to give it another try. The scones at this cafe were pretty good though the scone itself was a little crumbly. It wasn’t holding on its own. We had a hard time putting jam and whipped cream on it at times. And speaking of the cream, I do think double cream is better. Whipped cream is just too airy. I was able to get a bite of the blueberry muffin and french toast. The former was quite good. It was tagged as a vegetarian snack. Given the reputation of some vegetarian eats, this one was quite good. You wouldn’t even notice that it’s vegetarian. As for the french toast, better skip this if you’re dining here. It was served super late (we were almost done with the other two dishes). Not only that but it was bland and a bit oily. Everytime I took a bite, I was left with this oily lingering taste. Yeah, you wouldn’t want that.

Flat white (A$ 4.60)

Vienna (A$ 5.90)

I posted the individual prices of our coffee choices here but these were actually part of the snacks we got. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal right? I had the latter which was strong. Basing on just how it looks, you’d think it’s one strong drink. I mixed the whipped cream in just to balance out the whole drink.

And that’s how the exterior of the cafe looks like. The seats were extended along the railings which gives you a good view of the whole QVB. The tea place beside it has the same seating going on which the building allows.

Overall, our cafe experience was just okay. They did serve up some good coffee but the snacks were both a hit and a miss. In terms of service, pretty slow for one order. They even mixed up the billing as one coffee was charged to us when it should’ve been part of the snack package. The whole experience actually made me think if we should’ve gone to the tea place.

Old Vienna Coffee House
Shop 2, Level 1, QVB,
455 George Street,
Sydney, New South Wales
Official website:
Old Vienna Coffee House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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