One more round of Mappen Udon Bar please

It’s known to everyone how pricey restaurants can get here. Well, if you don’t know then now you know. Hehe. So for our trip here, I really had to research those that are not just cheap but very delicious. I came across this Japanese resto that seemed to have rave reviews. Not only that, it was pretty cheap. πŸ™‚

There were very few seats inside. And it was very casual with some posters that remind one of Japan. Their menu is pretty straightforward. And you have to get your orders ready before lining up. Their set-up was like that of a fastfood type. And yes, you do get your orders right away.

Okonomiyaki (A$ 3.20) and Karaage

Their karaage was pretty okay though I wish it was freshly cooked. It wasn’t that warm when it was served. As for their okonomiyaki, it was good. It had a different shape compared to the usual circle one. Plus, it’s served on a stick which makes it easier eating it.

Mini Karaage Mayo Bowl (A$ 4.90)

The karaage came to life with the sauce poured on this rice bowl.

Tonkotsu Deluxe (Regular at A$ 8.90)

For their ramen picks, one could either choose udon or soba as the noodle. You could even choose the size whether regular or large. The soup above was not my choice for I had the plain one. Compared to my order, this had a richer taste as it has bamboo shoots and stewed sliced pork.

Tonkotsu Plain (Regular at A$ 5.90)

I really wanted to assess the broth so I opted for the plain one. With some sesame seeds atop, I liked how simple the taste of this one was. It was just comforting which was perfect after a long day of touring the city. I had udon noodles for this which was just great. I liked the consistency of their udon noodle.

The word “mappen”, which means “one more time”, really does suit this restaurant. They had a lot of choices that one may go overboard with his/her order without worrying the total bill. The dishes are fairly cheap and delicious to boot. If given the chance to go back in Sydney, I’ll probably have another round at this bar. πŸ˜›

Mappen Udon Bar
Shop 11, Skyview Shopping Plaza,
537-551 George Street,Β CBD,
Official website:Β Β
Facebook:Β Β
Instagram:Β Β
Mappen Noodle Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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