All pluses for Chickens Plus

We got a great place back in Sydney. The bus stops were just nearby, and a supermarket was just walks away. It was our saving grace as we get to buy some good eats there. We also came across this chicken joint that really had a lot of offers.

They had a lot of chicken offers, and a seemingly endless selection of dishes to pair with it. I was surprised by their salad selections which I was tempted to try. For that night, we tried their Dinner Pack which had chicken, baked veggies, potato, pumpkin, peas and gravy.

Dinner Pack (A$ 15.90)

I know, it may not be appealing to just slather all those in the container. We had ours for take-away, and the plating wasn’t that nice. But what matters here is the taste which was pretty good. I liked the gravy poured on everything. There’s that tendency though for it to be salty so it’s really best to have those multiple pairings there.

We could have dined in but since it was near our place, it was just nice to have it at home where one is relaxed. I noticed that a lot of people also had their picks for take-away too. It’s just one of those dishes that’s really best eaten at the comforts of your home. With their multiple offers, this indeed deserves all the pluses.

Chickens Plus
Shop 11, Danks Street Shopping Plaza,
Crystal Street, Waterloo,
Chickens Plus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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