The Harry’s Cafe de Wheels Fascination

I think I have this penchant for trying out the original stuff. I know this one opened in Manila but I didn’t get around trying it. Since we were heading here, this one definitely went to our itinerary. With 70 years in the pie biz, what exactly is the fascination behind Harry’s Cafe de Wheels?

No indoor seating for this branch! If I’m not mistaken, this is their first branch which is near by the dock. It was purely stools and eating by the counter for this. Their snacks really are just for those quick meals especially when you’re on the go. If you’ve noticed, this one was filled with photos from famous personalities who have tried the offers here.

Hot Dog de Wheels (A$ 7.90)

Hot Chips

Drizzled with gravy, these chips were served hot and crispy! You could still taste the potato as it’s more of a wedge type of chip. This is a perfect combination with either their hotdog sandwiches or pies.

Tiger (A$ 7.90)

Of course I had to get this one. Atop that meat pie was some mashed potatoesΒ  and mushy peas with a generous serving of gravy. I wasn’t sure how the pie handled those mashes but the combination just worked! The meat pie itself was peppery. So the taste of the mashes toned it down. The gravy was watery but it worked for the whole combination. It easily seeped through the mashes and the pie. I wasn’t hungry that moment but that pie easily filled me up.

Fascination no more! I understand now why people flock to this. The pies are fresh and taste good on its own. But what ties it together are the additions they place in which makes it really tasty and enjoyable. I just hope that the branch in Manila is at par with this one for I will be coming back for those tigers. πŸ˜›

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels
Cowper Wharf Road,
Woolloomooloo, Sydney
Official website:Β Β
Facebook:Β Β
Twitter:Β Β
Instagram:Β Β
Harry's Cafe de Wheels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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