Catching that Melbourne Star

Ah…Melbourne! When we finally landed here from Sydney, I instantly noticed the change in the atmosphere. Though I miss the hustle of Sydney, Melbourne felt relaxed which just freshened me up at that time. Everything just seemed laid-back. To kickstart our adventure here, we decided that a good view of the whole city should be a must. What better way to view it than by catching a ride at the Melbourne Star. Let’s go check out the views on this one.

The ride took about a half hour or so. The views were great especially at the top. I couldn’t take photos much because of the glass. I did manage to sneak a few good photos there as seen above. Aside from the whole ride, there’s also an audio guide to let you in on the sights at every turn of the wheel. So if you want to be acquainted with the city in a few minutes, this could be your best option.

I loved the light details come nighttime.

There was no line when we went there. We did get a discount since we had our myki Explorer Pack. With that pack, you could get a lot of discounts at multiple tourist spots.

I’d say that this is still worth it. There’s another spot that would allow you with a great view of the city (more on this on a different post). But if you want to have a little history and information on every corner, better catch this star.

Melbourne Star
101 Waterfront Way,
Official website:


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