Around that Royal Arcade corner

I have an interesting backstory for this. While we were having our photos taken at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms, one of the locals asked permission if she could have a photo taken of her and her friend. After that, she chatted us up. She asked us where we were from, and got excited at the mention of Palawan (oh yeah…PH represent!). She then gave us a couple of tips around Melbourne, and told us of another arcade around the corner. As we traversed The Block Arcade, we then turned to this corner, and finally arrived at The Royal Arcade. Good tip from such a nice lady 🙂

And I thought The Block Arcade was old but this was much older! It did looked kinda new or maybe it was just really taken good care of. The place looked really open and bright with its high ceiling and semi-clear roofing. The pastel yellow paint on its wall helped brighten the place up.

You wouldn’t miss this building on this side. It’s pastel yellow facade will just attract you and pull you in. And if you’re around this area already, spending a few minutes here is well worth it.

Royal Arcade
335 Bourke Street,
Official website:


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