Brewing soon: Malongo Atelier Barista

There can never be enough cafes here in the metro. It’s what gets people like moi get through the day. Or it can be something that simply relaxes you. Whatever the reason for your cup, it’s always received with welcoming arms. That’s why I am so glad that Malongo, which is a luxurious French coffee brand, will soon open its first cafe right in the heart of Makati City.

I was fortunate to be invited to the contract signing event between Malongo and One World and Seven Seas Culinary Inc. The latter would start the beginning of countless Malongo cafes in the metro. Yes, it would start our love for French coffee. So, what makes Malongo exceptionally special?

Being the leading French company for top of the range coffee, Malongo is omnipresent throughout the production process, from the plantations right to the customer’s cup of coffee. Malongo imports its coffee beans from the best plantations around the world. Grown according to traditional farming methods, Malongo offers coffees from small-scale farming, cultivated in the shade of high altitude plantations. Each bean is picked by hand, in order that only perfectly mature beans are harvested.

I got a taste and let me just say, wow. 😀 I had the Brésil Sul De Minas which tasted very rich with a nutty flavor. The event was held early in the morning, and I intentionally skipped my morning coffee that day to pave way for this. Oh boy did this give me a caffeine boost! It was good on its own but I preferred sugar and milk on my cup. It ignited the flavor more.

Malongo is a “French Living Heritage Company”, a prestigious label that singles out French expertise of excellence. The brand targets an audience of connoisseurs, those who love exclusive products and shun anything mass-produced. Malongo’s reputation is built on offering customers products of the highest quality combined with fast-efficient service. The café sells beautifully designed machines and exceptional coffee in the form of beans, grounds or in pods. Customers can enjoy a coffee cocktail, tea or select a coffee for made-to-measure grinding by an expert. Truly, Malongo Atelier Barista is an escape to a haven of relaxation and comfort. Stylish and friendly, understated and rich with the history of coffee, these cafes are a cozy stop off for urban dwellers.

And I can’t wait for the first ever branch here in the Philippines open! To make this a reality, esteemed guests (including myself) were witnesses to the contract signing between the two companies. Check out the photos below. 🙂

Jean-Pierre Blanc, General Director of Malongo
Sheila T. Collado-Parafina, who is the Business Development Manager of One World & Seven Seas Culinary Inc., said a few words about coffee here in the Philippines. She also said why Malongo is such a great fit here.
Contract signing of Jean-Pierre Blanc and CEO of One World & Seven Seas Culinary Inc., Cheng “Tony” Cao

And that seals the deal! I can’t wait for their first branch, which will be at Greenbelt Hamilton Tower, to open next year. I imagine holding my exquisite cup of French coffee as I relax and read a good book at their cafe. Hayyy…yeah, I’m in it for relaxation this time. I was able to get some freebies though which includes their coffee. I guess, that will do for now. Patience is a virtue. 🙂

How cool is it that they retained the whole tin can? I’m sure to get some great tasting coffee from this. 🙂
Rose coffee…interesting! Excited to try this one too! 😀

Malongo Atelier Barista
Official website:



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