Finding my way through the Carrara Markets

The market was quite big as it is hailed as Australia’s largest marketplace. I liked how there were plenty of choices from clothes up to decors one can place at home. There were some good eats too in case you get hungry (which you will after touring the place). Just check out the photos below.

It took us almost half a day to tour the place. We had our snack there before heading out to the world again. Lol. As you might have noticed, it’s just not a marketplace as there were other sights as well such as that reptile park (which I didn’t dare go into. Hehe). As the sun peaked its highest sometime midday, the crowd trickled in to see what’s new at this place. Indeed, there are good finds here that you just have to be on the watchout for a good deal.

Carrara Markets
Manchester Road,
Carrara, QLD
Official website:


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