My Warner Bros Movie World experience

I have been to some theme parks. Especially when I was young, I would line up to ride those extreme rides. Yes, I was that brave. Fast forward to now, I’m not as brave as I used to be. Or maybe I ran out of patience in waiting. Haha. So during our visit to the  Warner Bros Movie World, I decided to skip those rides and just admire them from afar. And take lots of photos of course.

Indeed, that is all. 😛

If purely for touring, one could do this half-day. There aren’t a lot of sites to see unless you’re into those rides. It was a good theme park though to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I kept comparing it to other theme parks that I’ve been to. We did spend the whole day because we waited for the parade. Which I wish I hadn’t. I know, I might be being mean or having this high standards. I just wish there was more action not just for those rides but for non-riders. They do keep on innovating this park, and even have this new ride. Their main concentration was more on the heroes so for DC Comics fans, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Warner Bros Movie World
Pacific Motorway,
Oxenford, Queensland
Official website:


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