Welcoming the year at Kiapo

Hooray for yet another late post! Mwehehe 😀

So on New Year’s Day, my family and I decided to check out Okada Manila. There were still some construction going on, and I was still lacking the action I was looking for. It’s still pretty new. In terms of dining options, there are expensive ones and affordable ones too. Kiapo is one of the latter ones where we were welcomed with their dishes.

One would immediately notice the lighting pieces in the restaurant. I found it quite nice and outstanding of the place. It had a really casual and open feel as it wasn’t enclosed unlike the other restos there.

Complimentary soup

You get free soup here which I think is sinigang. It tasted quite sour but in a good way.

Okada Blend (P180)

Their iced tea was English Breakfast Tea infused with apple. It tasted very light and was refreshing.

Lumpiang Shanghai (P260)

This was very tasty and fried well. Best to have it with the sauce served

Lechon Kawali (P340)

Beef Salpicao (P520)

Laing with prawns (P410)

To be honest, I wanted to love their dishes. I really do. But I just find it to be very simple and lacking somehow in flavor. They did make a good lechon kawali and beef salpicao. But nothing stood out for me in terms of taste. As for their laing, which was my dish, it was creamy but I wanted mine to have that punch. I had to add some spicy sauce in just to make the flavor interesting.

The plus side on this restaurant is that you can customize your dish in terms of rice. You can either have it with jasmine, brown, bagoong, garlic and java rice. They have other dishes to boot to. However, nothing stood out for me or maybe I had my expectations a little high. Considering that it’s a top-notch location, I wanted to be wowed. In terms of price, yes, I did say that this was one of the affordable ones because the others were just really expensive compared to this. But I felt like the price for the dishes we had didn’t match up. Service that time was quite good. We were assisted well. Not sure if a 2nd time would happen but I’ll probably try the expensive ones just to see if I got my money’s worth.

Upper Ground Floor, Okada Manila,
New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City,
Parañaque City
Hotel website:  http://www.okadamanila.com/?q=dining/kiapo
Kiapo - Okada Manila Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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  1. Is it just me, or the servings look rather small?

  2. Dined here as well recently; was disappointed with their sisig which looked nothing at all like any sisig I’ve had (ie more like a lechon!). For the price I didn’t think it was worth it 😡

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