Light bulb moment at Eve & T

Ah Taiwan…the land of the milk teas! Lol. But seriously, if you’re here, you must have a sip or multiple cups of milk tea. I had that moment after heading up at the Taipei 101 Observatory. We were waiting to be seated at the Din Tai Fung branch there (we waited for almost an hour but it was so worth it!). I decided to walk around and saw this cute stall with those light bulb glasses. Light bulb moment: instant milk tea time! 😛

This guy right here is preparing my drink.

You could either get the glass version (which cost a lot at either NTD 169 or NTD 149) or the plastic one at NTD 49. This is in addition to your chosen drink. The fun part here is you get to accessorize it. They have multiple stickers to sort of “dress up” the light bulb glass according to your liking. I went for a cute school girl look as you can see below.

In case you can’t finish your drink, you can unscrew the golden cap and place this on.

Adorable right?!?! Yeah, I have a penchant for cute stuff. So much so that I forgot what drink I ordered. Hehehe. What I do remember is that the drink was good. The tapioca balls were cooked well. It made my waiting time more bearable that evening.

So if you happen to be waiting in line at Din Tai Fung or just strolling around this mall, have a light bulb tea moment here too. Get refreshed by one of their milk tea choices and take home a cute cup along the way 🙂

Eve & T
Taipei 101 Mall,
No. 45, City Hall Road,
Xinyi District,


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